Non-Opioid Pain Control

Exparel® for Long-Lasting Pain Control

After Oral Surgery

There is a growing opioid crisis in the United States, with the rate of overdose deaths steadily rising. As part of Dr. Howard’s commitment to providing the highest level of patient-centered care we offer the addition of Exparel to our surgical treatment plans.

Exparel is a powerful, proven, and opioid-free pain management medication that is administered by Dr. Howard directly to your surgical site while you are still under anesthesia, to safely reduce your post-surgical pain for 3–4 days after your procedure.

The use of this innovative medication by oral surgeons is effectively heading off opioid misuse, addiction, and side effects before they have a chance to begin.

If you choose Exparel as part of your surgical treatment plan, you will experience the following benefits:

  • No risk of opioid dependence and withdrawal. Exparel is not a narcotic medication.
  • Postpone or even eliminate the need to fill prescription narcotic pain medications.
  • No gap in pain control after surgery because one dose of this sustained-release medication applied during your surgery will already be controlling your post-operative discomfort before your anesthesia wears off.

Exparel is quickly becoming the preferred method of post- operative pain management for oral surgeons who are dedicated to protecting their patients from the risks and side effects of narcotic prescriptions. When you come in to see us for your consultation, we will be happy to discuss if Exparel is the ideal choice for your treatment plan.

Exparel in West Hartford, CT

With Exparel on board for your recovery period, you will experience powerful post-operative relief from discomfort without the need for opioid- based narcotic pain medications. For more information about Exparel or to schedule your consultation, please contact our office today.

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